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What Course? Choosing the right study path

Updated: May 21, 2020

You've thought about it long and hard. You can see yourself in 4 years' time in that cap and gown, surrounded by family and friends taking selfies like their lives depend on it. You'll dedicate this time in your life to study hard, and reap the rewards later on in life when that great job comes and you're earning thousands. But, where do you start? How do you begin to decide what course will work best for you?

With the advancements and fast pace of the media and technology industry what you chose to study today, should assist you to function in the media and technology world of tomorrow. With the invention of apps and new social media platforms popping up at a rapid pace, your study path should be one that sets you up to keep up. Consider a traditional higher education course. By the time you're six months in, the industry has changed, after a year it's changed more. What then happens three or four years later? Is the same information relevant? Just when you think you've mastered everything you need to know, there's a new technology or a program upgrade and the learning starts all over again. Practical skill and ability in this day and age is key. This means that if media and technology is your chosen career, your choice of study path will need to help you to keep up or you'll have to move over for someone else who is more able to

Ensuring Understanding

So should we ditch the theory?

Absolutely not! Knowing what you're doing practically and why you're doing it theoretically is paramount to understanding

You wouldn't want a doctor to operate on your brain who hadn't studied anatomy would you? The same level of understanding applies to media and technology. However if the same doctor confessed they'd only seen a brain in a text book would you trust him? There needs to be a solid balance of knowing and doing in a course to make the outcome valuable

Relevant Content

What you should contemplate when choosing a course is, is the curriculum relevant to now, and will it still be relevant when the course is completed? Does your chosen course have suitable practical components so that you can do the job once you've graduated, or does your future employer become your teacher as well?

On the pulse

See yourself as the investment, and choose well.

When it comes to choosing a course in the media and technology sphere, see yourself as an investment. A course should equip you to be a future money maker. Graduates from all walks of life have to contend with employers wanting potential staff to have a qualification and experience. Many graduates find themselves stuck , having a qualification, a huge student loan and don't have necessary experience in order to be able to be considered for employment in their field. What is experience? The practical ability to do the job. As important as the paper work is, the skill has become increasingly more and more essential to a potential employer. Skills over knowledge will become the new criteria and curriculum needs to catch up. Your investment into yourself should be a course that not only helps you to do what you'll be qualified to do once you graduate, but helps you gain experience at each step of the way.

The Future is Sound

Here at Radio Active Productions Publishing, we value both skill and knowledge, with a great emphasis on being able to do the job. All our courses are planned with the individual learner in mind, and as employers in the industry ourselves, we ensure our learners are work place ready on completion of the course. We can boast graduates all over the sound, radio and media industry. We are accredited as a training provider, but as an employer, we'll take skill over paperwork. So, if you're looking for a course that equips you to do the job, then look no further. With us your future is sound!


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