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The sweet sound of reverb

Most of the time in a mix when you need to add some space and depth to your you will dial in some sort of Reverb effect. If you don’t use Reverb carefully though, you can really ‘lose’ your sound by creating a swamp of mud that colours the whole mix and makes a mush.

Hands in the air. Been there! Done that!

So, here’s a great 4 step technique to help you retain the clarity and presence that you need in your mix, but still give you that space and depth you need when using Reverb on that all important vocal.

All you need to do is :

1) Add auxiliary Track

2) Add a reverb plugin to the buss channel

3)Add a compressor plugin to the reverb buss channel and set the side-chain to the vocal part of the channel

4). Send your vocals to the reverb channel

Now, the compressor will be triggered by the vocal part; and the compressor will dip the Reverb.

The result: The Reverb is controlled, so that it doesn’t overpower your vocal part. Instead, You’ll hear the vocal in between the singer’s phrases.

So, your vocal will have a nice upfront, clear sound and yet have a nice reverb tail.

For easy reference watch and hear this technique in action in the video.


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